Property Tax Explainer
1 Who imposes Property Tax:
2 Which Law regulates / govern Property taxes:
3 What is nature of Property Tax:
4 Brief background of transition from levying of property tax on Rateable value of property to Capital value of the property:
5 Capital value property tax system in brief:
6 How Capital Value of an Open Land /Building / Tenement may be computed:
7 What are the components of Property Tax:
8 What Lands and Buildings are liable for Property Taxes:
9 Who are liable to pay property tax:
10 Impact of Capital Value based Assessment on certain Class of properties:
11 What Land and Building are exempted from paying Property taxes in whole or in part:
12 What Land and Building are eligible for concession in Property taxes:
13 What Land and Building are temporarily (first period of 20 years) eligible for reduced Property taxes:
14 What is the procedure by which the Rateable Value or Capital Value of property tax are fixed:
15 When the Liability accrues to pay property taxes:
16 Time of Payment:
17 Consequences of not paying property taxes:
18 What are the grounds to challenge provisions of property tax:
19 Important Rulings on various subjects of property tax:
20 Some of the issues that may arise in respect of Assessment of property taxes: