Contractual and Business disputes
1 Suit/Arbitration for specific movable property
2 Suit for goods, wrongly delivered
3 Suit/Arbitration for Specific Performance of contract
4 Suit/Arbitration for Rectification of contract
5 Suit/Arbitration for Rescission of Contract
6 Suit/Arbitration to cancel deed/ instrument
7 Suit for declaration
8 Suit for Injunction
9 Suit/Arbitration for damages
10 Suit for specific movable property or for compensation
11 Suit/Arbitration for compensation for movable property
12 Suit/Arbitration for movable property
13 Suit/Arbitration for damages for perverted use of movable property
14 Suit/Arbitration against carrier of goods for injury or goods lost
15 Suit/Arbitration against carrier of goods in Cases of refusal or delay in delivery of goods
16 Suit for declaration of forgery of Instrument
17 Suit/Arbitration by Principal for Accounts
18 Suit/Arbitration by Principal for Accounts for unaccounted Movable property
19 Suit/Arbitration for Accounts on the premise of Misconduct or Negligence
20 Suit for damages for unlawful Injunction
21 Criminal Complaint – S.405 IPC, 1860
22 Criminal Complaint – S.403 IPC, 1860
23 Criminal Complaint – S.415/420 IPC, 1860