Writ Petition
1 A quick look at the Procedure – Hearing of Writ proceedings
2 General check-list before Institution / Filing of Writ Petition
3 Filing of the Petition / obtaining Lodging Number / Applying for Interim- Ad-Interim Reliefs, if any
4 Scrutiny of the Petition and removal of office objections
5 Service upon Respondents
6 Listing of the case
7 Pre-Admission / Admission stage Hearing
8 Issuance of Notice / Dismissal of the Petition
9 Reply of the Respondents
10 Rejoinder of the Petitioners, with the leave of the Court
11 Hearing of the Petition at the Admission stage
12 Admission of the Petition and Issuance of Rule
13 Dismissal of the Petition
14 If not dismissed, for further directions in the matter
15 Final Hearing at the Admission stage
16 Judgment