Fundamental Concepts of Law and Litigation
1 Law and Justice - Nuances and attributes
2 Personal liberty, the most precious among all rights
3 Immovable properties: Important principles regulating rights and interest
4 RTI, a means towards Justice
5 Enforcing Sovereign Right of Reply
6 Cause of action: the pulse of any Litigation
7 Power of Attorney
8 Pleadings, the backbone of a (Civil) Litigation
9 Jurisdictional Issues
10 Issues – ascertaining the real dispute between the Parties
11 “Prima Facie Case” or “Existence of dispute”
12 How a fact is proved
13 Judicial Notice of facts and presumption of facts by Courts
14 Injunctions, temporary, perpetual and Mandatory
15 Mixed question of fact and Law actually doesn’t exist.
16 Before we cite a Judgment
17 Adverse findings MUST for Adverse Order
18 Actus curiae neminem gravabit
19 False Complaints / False Claims
20 Perjury: False Evidence, False statement on oath, etc.
21 The Preceipe for Justice
22 Convenience Note
23 F.I.R. that is First Information Report
24 Will: Execution and obtaining of Probate of the Will