Arbitration proceedings
1 A quick look at the Procedure – Stages and Hearing of Arbitration proceedings
2 Arbitration Agreement / Clause (S.7)
3 Accrual of “cause of action” to invoke Arbitration Proceedings
4 Commencement of Arbitration Proceedings (S.21)
5 Application before concerned Court [S.2(e)] or before the Arbitral Tribunal itself, for Interim Relief, if any (S.9, 17).
6 Application before High Court for Appointment of Arbitrators, if situation so demand (S.11)
7 Place of Arbitration (S.20):
8 Settlement of dispute by way of Mediation Conciliation
9 Statement of Claim and Defense by rival parties (S.23)
10 Challenge to jurisdiction of Arbitrators (S.16)
11 Termination of mandate of Arbitrator / Arbitral Tribunal (S.14)
12 Substitution of Arbitrator (S.15)
13 Hearing and Written Proceedings (S.24)
14 Default of any party during Arbitration proceedings (S.25)
15 Passing of the Award / Form and contents of the Award (S.31, 32)
16 Challenge to the Award (S.34)
17 If the Award is not challenged in accordance with Section 34, it is enforceable like a decree of the Court. (S.36)