Summary Suits
1 A quick look at the Procedure – Hearing of Summary Suits including Commercial Summary Suits – Order XXXVII
2 Institution / Filing of Suit
3 Applying for Ad-Interim / Interim Relief by filing Notice of Motion
4 Tendering Draft Summons before Court for Seal of the Court
5 Service of Summons / Notices upon Adversary: Sections 28, 29 and Order 5
6 Filing of Appearance by Defendants
7 If no Appearance filed, applying for Ex-parte decree
8 If appearance is filed by Defendants, then, Filing Summons for Judgment
9 Leave to Defend by Defendants
10 Application by Defendant, if any, for Rejection of Plaint, etc.
11 Rejoinder, if any of the Plaintiffs to the said Leave to defend
12 Judgment on Summons for Judgment