Criminal Trial Sessions Triable Case
1 A quick look at the Procedure - Sessions triable Cases: Ss.225 to 235 CrPC, 1973
2 Cognizance of offence by Magistrate
3 Commitment of case to the Sessions Court (S.209)
4 Opening of Case by Prosecution (S.226)
5 Discharge of Accused (S.227)
6 Framing of Charges and recording of plea of accused: Ss.228, 229
7 Evidence by Prosecution and Cross examination: Ss.230, 231 CrPC, 1973
8 After conclusion of evidence of prosecution, tendering Oral and written arguments by Prosecution: S.314 CrPC, 1973
9 Acquittal of the Accused (S.232)
10 Examination of accused u/s 313
11 Evidence by accused, if any: S.233 CrPC, 1973
12 Acquittal or conviction (S.235)
13 Other important Provisions of CrPC, 1973, which would be applicable in every Criminal trial